Our Programs and Services

The NSDRC offers the following programs and services to people with disabilities. Our programs welcome the participation and support of family, friends and volunteers.

Information and Advocacy Program services are provided through in-person appointments, telephone contact and resources online. Provides free assistance with applying for services, filling out forms, reconsiderations, appeals and more.

Infant Development Program provides home-based support to families with children under the age of three to encourage the development of physical, social and cognitive skills. Lower Mainland Infant Development & Child Development Programs Website

Special Services to Children is for children and youth (ages 5 to 18) with disabilities. They are matched with a support worker who assists with skill development in the community and sometimes in the home.

Summer Bursary  enables children ages 3-18 to participate in community camps and activities during the summer months.

Teen & Pre-Teen Program is for youth (ages 9 to 18) with disabilities. The program operates on Saturday afternoons. Support workers assist participants with skill development in small peer groups in the community.

Transition and Employment Services helps young people and their families move through the transition process provides supports toward employment.

Supportive Transition Adult Group Education (STAGE) is a weekday service for transitioning adults with disabilities who have completed high school. Participants can access educational, vocational and social recreational activities in the community or at the program site. Participants must be able to take public transit with a minimal amount of assistance, as much of the program is designed to take place in the community.

Adult Life Skills Program is for adults (ages 19 and over) with disabilities. They are matched with support workers who help them to learn or practice skills in the community or at home.

Residential Services are provided in a variety of settings with support based on individual requirements.

The North Shore Community Response Network is a network of agencies and individuals who work together with the community on the issue of adult abuse, neglect and self-neglect.

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